Year: 2022

Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament

Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament

On the 2nd of November, Room 7 and Room 8 walked out of our school to represent our school in the Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament. Most of the Tamaki Cluster Primary Schools were there, like Panmure Bridge and Tamaki Primary were there. All of our four teams were so excited. Our coach was my friend’s dad. Our first game started against Panmure District. We lost 4-0. Our coach trained us some more. Our second game was against Stonefields School. 9-0 to Stonefields. We were disappointed that we lost 2 in a row. Our coach said it was all right. Our next game was against the school that my mom teaches. Glenbrae. They beat us 6-0. We were starting to get more disappointed. Our last game was against Glen Innes. They beat us, 6-0. We had a fifth game for the bottom teams to face. It was Glenbrae. They barely beat us 4-1. We were not that sad that we scored a try. The Room 8 girls, however, made it but sadly lost in the finals. We were so happy. It was our best performance in 3 years. We went home happy and proud that we represented our school. Next time we will win!

Lifting A Line Story: Half of it!

Lifting A Line


All of them look toward the window… towards something…towards a monster, a creature looking back at them. The Creature was super tall, had sharp teeth, wide eyes and a pointy nose. Nicholas started shouting.Then a slash silenced the room. He dropped down on the floor. Nicholas was Dead. Nicholas’ body lay helplessly on the floor. He had a long, deep, bloody line across his back. 

Harold was shocked, Michael vomited. Thomas stood there as if he was the next victim. Suddenly, the monster ran away. Jarome takes his compact camera and tries to take a photo. CLICK! Jarome takes a look. “I’m going to take this to the cops!”, he said.

Mission Day 2022

On Friday we had Mission Day. We had to bring coins to get raffle tickets, and we also brought parishable food. We also coud wear mufti. At 9.00 am, We first had a liturgy. When we finished the liturgy , we went back to class and worked on our Te Reo – A – Thon. we finished just before Morning Tea. During Morning Tea, everybody queued up to buy raffles. After Morning Tea,  my class and I watched a movie in class called Spirited Away. A few people were not watching. We all liked the movie, but we had to finish the movie after lunch. Before school ended, we went to the canopy, and they did the raffle prizes. Two from our class won the Middle/Senior prizes. At the end of the day, we said prayers and went home. Now all I have to do is collect the money from my sponsors to fundraise the money.

Why We Should Learn To Control Pests



We should control pests so that our birds and nature can thrive. Pests keep destroying nature and native prey, so we set traps to decrease the amount of pests in our country.


What are common pests of New Zealand?

Common New Zealand Pests include Possums, Rats, Hedgehogs, Ferrets, Stoats and Weasels etc. They eat native birds as well as bird eggs and Rabbits dig holes in the ground of farmers. They also destroy our natural resources. When Chris Judd came to our school he talked about an annual Rabbit hunting festival, called the Easter Bunny Hunt.


What are Natural Resources?

Natural Resources are food, water, plants, trees and other things. Water and Food keeps us healthy. Trees and Plants are useful medicine and wood for tables and chairs.


What kind of traps stop Pests?

Not only traps are used on animals. Chris showed us Possum Skin and old leg holders which were banned for hurting innocent animals. Tracking Tunnels, Wax Tags and Chew Cards. Tims Traps, Doc Traps and Mouse Traps etc. are designed to kill pests.



Native Plants and Birds are being killed by pests. There are many more pests than humans, and they are responsible for the reduction or extinction of some native animals, which is why we should learn to control pests.

Our Trip to Cornwall Park

On Friday the 5th of August, a man named Chris Judd came to our school with some cages and a box. He said he was from the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board (MTLB). He was here to educate us on Pest Education Day.


First, he talked about different types of pests and what we can do to stop them. He showed us different types of traps that can kill or catch pests, including Tracking Tunnels, Doc Traps and Mouse Traps. He also showed us mushed, chopped up rabbit and possum skin.


After that, we had Morning Tea and then we jumped on a bus to Cornwall Park (Maungakiekie). It took about 20 minutes. When we arrived, we split into two groups. One group with Chris and another group with two women named Lisa & Charlie. Chris took us to look for native and non native animals and traps. The other group with Lisa and Charlie, looking at native trees. When we finished, we had lunch and played Kiwi, Ponga, Possum and another game. After that we hopped back on the bus back to school.


At school we did two final activities. First, we made a Tracking Tunnel, which some of my friends and I struggled with. The next activity was to guess the animal that made the footprints. At the end of the day, my friend and I helped Chris carry his stuff to his car, then he drove off. I enjoyed the trip and I wish to learn more, so I can become a trapper in the future. 


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