Day: April 1, 2022

Rippa Rugby

Yesterday, the Year 6’s and the year 5’s went to Mt Wellington War Memorial Park. We were taught Rippa Rugby skills by Coach Raymond and Teme. We played Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes, Cone. Then we played Numbers, and then we played a game where you have to rip off tags to survive in the game. I got 6 tags and our team won the game. Our teacher, Mr Bell was in our team.I had so much fun. My dad volunteered to take the bags so that we wouldn’t carry it. And then  he bought us water bottles. We thanked him. I liked it so much. I am so excited to go back next week.

Starting EPro8 Challenge

On Monday, we opened boxes saying EPro8 Challenge. We were clueless of what we were doing, but we were excited to start it. We watched an introduction welcoming us to this challenge. The person who was talking was an engineer named Calvin. He told us what it was like to engineer and design. We so far built a crane and are currently filming us testing a vehicle. I was (not am) the director. My Class and I are going to design a Caveman Car next week.