Why We Should Learn To Control Pests



We should control pests so that our birds and nature can thrive. Pests keep destroying nature and native prey, so we set traps to decrease the amount of pests in our country.


What are common pests of New Zealand?

Common New Zealand Pests include Possums, Rats, Hedgehogs, Ferrets, Stoats and Weasels etc. They eat native birds as well as bird eggs and Rabbits dig holes in the ground of farmers. They also destroy our natural resources. When Chris Judd came to our school he talked about an annual Rabbit hunting festival, called the Easter Bunny Hunt.


What are Natural Resources?

Natural Resources are food, water, plants, trees and other things. Water and Food keeps us healthy. Trees and Plants are useful medicine and wood for tables and chairs.


What kind of traps stop Pests?

Not only traps are used on animals. Chris showed us Possum Skin and old leg holders which were banned for hurting innocent animals. Tracking Tunnels, Wax Tags and Chew Cards. Tims Traps, Doc Traps and Mouse Traps etc. are designed to kill pests.



Native Plants and Birds are being killed by pests. There are many more pests than humans, and they are responsible for the reduction or extinction of some native animals, which is why we should learn to control pests.

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