Mission Day 2022

On Friday we had Mission Day. We had to bring coins to get raffle tickets, and we also brought parishable food. We also coud wear mufti. At 9.00 am, We first had a liturgy. When we finished the liturgy , we went back to class and worked on our Te Reo – A – Thon. we finished just before Morning Tea. During Morning Tea, everybody queued up to buy raffles. After Morning Tea,  my class and I watched a movie in class called Spirited Away. A few people were not watching. We all liked the movie, but we had to finish the movie after lunch. Before school ended, we went to the canopy, and they did the raffle prizes. Two from our class won the Middle/Senior prizes. At the end of the day, we said prayers and went home. Now all I have to do is collect the money from my sponsors to fundraise the money.

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