Bye Bye EPro8!

On Wednesday, we finally said goodbye to our EPro8 Kit and took it to our Library. We did 3 activities constructing a Crane, a Caveman Car, and a Bridge. After 1 week and 3 days, we finished 3. The easiest was the Crane. The hardest was the bridge. First we built the crane. It had to be 1.8 m tall and the boom arm shoud rotate and carry a empty bag. It also had to lift it and take it back. Ours passed all 4. Then we built a bridge. It had to be sturdy. We bulit struts to help with that. It had to be able to carry a toy car. We also did some writing activities, like communication and Technical words etc. There were also videos showing us how they solved it. The person that showed us how they did it was an engineer named Calvin. I will miss EPro8, but we might do it next year…


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